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Friday, January 15, 2016

Shutters and Window Boxes...

I'd been thinking about Slash's idea of window boxes. Kept me awake last night so there I was digging through my stash at 1 AM trying to find something unusual that would work. Came up empty and gave up and went back to bed. Started this morning working on the remaining shutters; more sanding, painting, and glueing. But it's coming together nicely.
Then I got an idea. I dug out a couple of pieces of plastic fencing and started playing around with them.
I got out my little wire cutters and started cutting away the pieces I didn't want. This is what I ended up with
and I tried them out on the little building.
I think I'm onto something! I cut some pieces of wooden stir stick to box in the back, glued it together
and painted it black. I cut a piece of sheet moss and glued it to the back, then glued it onto the building.
Of course, there was alot of drying time in between these steps so spent some time thinking about building a for-real fart gun for the minions....:) More to come on that one! LOL! While the glue was drying, (why do I feel like I've said that before...) I went through my ziploc bags of fake flowers to find something for the window boxes that the minions would like.
Yellow with a touch of blue seemed just right.
Now I just have three more to build....Have a great evening!