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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Sometimes You have to Play Rough!

I heard noises in the shop this morning and went in to investigate. The minions were all standing around giggling. I said, "Hey, I told you guys that you can only shoot off the fart gun outside!" They all started rolling on the floor laughing and couldn't even talk for a few minutes. Finally one panted, "It wasn't the fart gun, it was Bob!" Well, they all started laughing again and Bob just got a sheepish grin on his face and shrugged. I just shook my head and started to work. I glued the windows in on the bay pieces
and while those dried, I cut the rest of the window punch-outs in half, sanded and painted them.
The kit actually recommends that you use the punch-outs for shutters...I just cut them in half because they looked too big. So while those were drying, went back to glue the bay window pieces in place. These weren't being as cooperative as the first ones, so I had to clamp them in place while they dried.
And while those were drying (Yup, waiting for stuff to dry, big part of this hobby) I trimmed the toothpick trim, glued them in place and painted them. I got a trip to Walmart in there somewhere and put away groceries while everything dried. When I was done, went back in and glued on the verdigris roof.
Here's a shot through the window, it looks a little crowded, but I prefer to say it is well-stocked.LOL!
So now both bays are done! Slash mentioned that he thought some window boxes would be nice, so will have to think about that. Some metal wire ones lined with moss would be nice, just have to come up with something from my stash. Didn't get to put the translucent pieces behind the windows today, but will get to that tomorrow. It's supposed to be cold and rainy, so it will be a good day to work on it. Thanks for reading and have a great evening!