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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Back in the Shop! Woo! Hoo!

I had a good Christmas this year. While I was decorating the tree at the beginning of December, I didn't think it would go so well with our son overseas. But I invited my Mom and Bill's sister and her husband came and then their son and his girlfriend came and we had a full house! We made each other laugh, shared stories of our children and grandchildren and ate until we all felt like stuffed turkeys! We got phone calls from all our kids and thoroughly enjoyed the day. My mom and I went out for lunches,
had our hair done together and enjoyed each others company. Since then, the tree has been taken down and put away, Mom is back home, and life is returning to normal. Bill and I started working on the Twice Across America blog and all the stuff that goes with it. Stop by for a look see!
After all the excitement, I was looking forward to getting to work in my shop. I entered quietly this was so nice to be back! I crept up on the minions, they were all still sound asleep.
I turned to get something out of the closet and all of a sudden, Slash, (yes, that's what he's calling himself now) is pounding on the piano
and the minions are singing and shooting off their fart guns. It was quite a welcome, I assure you. They later apologized for not having any confetti cannons but thought the fart guns would do. I told them I appreciated the sentiment. Later I heard them giggling about a certain person in the shop that had her own fart gun that's built in...I won't go into the details of that conversation...;) Since it was in the teens this morning, I pulled my little heater out of the closet and started that up too.

So, back to the Buns & Roses build! I repainted the front door and glued it in place. Then started on the windows.
I was thinking about glueing the bay pieces on when I realized I have to put all the goodies in there first since there will be no access after. The bay pieces,let's just say, aren't to exacting specifications. There's a good size gap on either side of the center piece.
As I was sitting here thinking about that, (you do a lot of thinking with this hobby too), I thought I could either use pieces of tiny dowel to fill them in or use pieces of cardstock to cover them. I'll try sanding the interior support pieces too as they are a little off also.The exterior of the bays will be painted white like some of the bay windows I've seen on Victorian houses. I think I will add some raised panels to the bottom sections too. I know, I know, enough blabbing, let's get to it! Have a great day!