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Monday, December 21, 2015

This is the way we clean the house.....

The Mother is coming to visit!  You know all that housework you put off to work on your miniatures? Well, I think I have to crack the whip on myself! My mom is coming to visit tomorrow! With all I have to do, I enlisted the minions help. I'm not sure how much help they are, but they are good at pointing out what I need to be doing. First, they joined up with the mechanical monkey in the guest room and helped him make up the bed.
Next, it was the bathroom. They weren't too keen on cleaning that, (who is actually) so pointed out what needed to be done.
They want to be able to see their faces in that faucet!
One of the Vincents thought it would be fun to take the Viking ship out for a spin, but I nixed that idea right away.
Once all that was done, they started to unload the dishwasher. That wasn't going very well what with the pulleys and ropes and such so I told them I would handle that.
I guess I worked them a little too hard as they all fell asleep on the laundry pile.
Two loads to go and that is done too! Yay! No, wait a minute, I have to strip my bed and wash all that too. Oh minions...!