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Monday, December 7, 2015

Oh Christmas Tree....!

This was one of those years when I wondered whether or not to put up my tree. It can be alot of work and my youngest son won't be able to be here this year. But then I figured Ben wouldn't want me to go without a tree and then we found out we'll be having company on Christmas day so let the decorating begin!  My Dear Hubby carried in the three bins from the shed and then pulled the box with the tree in it off the closet shelf along with a fourth bin. Good grief, how did I get so much stuff! I put all of it up last year when Ben was here, but this year will put up about half of it. Once the tree was out of the box, here is what it looked like.
Every year, I laugh at this thing and call it my Charlie Brown tree. But after considerable fluffing and arranging, here is what it looks like.
 I've been busy with other things so have only been able to get the strings of bubble lights and the garland on so far. Oh, and a few icicles too.
I have packages to run to the post office tomorrow, so hope I can get to the bajillion ornaments! May these days before Christmas be a time of reflection on the true meaning of the holiday. Have a great evening!