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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Christmas Thoughts

I decided to finally hang some decorations on the tree today. I didn't get too many on before the tears came. I wept from my heart and deep from my soul. My children are all far away and one of them is overseas in harm's way. I wept for them all. As I sit here looking at the tree, I realize that sure, Christmas is about family and lots of other things but the primary thing, no, the primary person we are celebrating is Jesus Christ and his amazing birth. It doesn't matter exactly when on the calendar the amazing event took place, we have chosen Christmas to celebrate this perfect gift to us. The baby that would become the child that would become the Man who would hang on the cross and die for you and me. And He didn't leave it at that...He rose from the dead and promised all of us who believe, eternal life. Yes, my focus was temporarily sidetracked by sadness, and I know that there are many others out there who are shedding tears too. Just remember, Christ loves you and came to earth to give us a most beautiful gift. A gift of love, a gift of eternal life in heaven. Hope your Christmas is full of love and family and friends, but most of all celebrate Jesus.