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Thursday, December 10, 2015

First Look at Buns and Roses...

My poor minions felt bad for me yesterday and when I went into the shop, they were all teary. I dried their eyes and let them read the rest of the post and they all cheered up and went on with their day. This morning however, they were determined to cheer me up so with our resident rock star at the piano,
they started with a lively collection of Christmas carols! They started singing so robustly, some of them fell off the bleachers and I had to pick them up and make sure they didn't hurt themselves!
As you can see, Bob's "puppy" is practicing his photography for the Christmas card they want to send out this year. I got into the spirit also and broke out my blinking Christmas necklaces and we just had a jolly old time!
We were all starting to wear out when I decided it was time to pull out the pieces for the Buns and Roses shop.
I'm not sure if I want to finish the whole inside or if I just want to fill the bay windows with pastries and flowers and leave it at that. If I finish the insides, there will be display cases to make and lots and lots of little goodies and bouquets to make. I'm not sure if it's worth the trouble when you have to put one eye up to a window to see in....decisions, decisions. If I don't finish the inside, I could use thin rice paper for the windows so the light inside would show or maybe some wavy plastic that can't be seen through clearly. I will figure it out. The minions vote to have it unfinished inside so they can sneak in there and eat up the goodies without being seen...I think they just want a place for parties with lots of banana daiquiris...I'll have time to think about it while I sand alllll those edges! LOL! Have a great day!