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Sunday, December 13, 2015

Something New

Went into the shop this morning and heard parts of a loud discussion. The minions were having a disagreement on how the outside of Buns and Roses should look. One camp wanted it to look traditional while the other (wild and crazy) camp wanted something totally different. Well, since I usually side with the wild and crazy camp, I had to throw my two cents in too. This idea popped into my head when I woke up the other day and I figured it was "minionesque"! LOL! (Wow, I can't believe spellcheck didn't pick up on that one....) I was thinking of putting pink gingham wallpaper on the outside with black window trim!
Sort of French, maybe even an Eiffel Tower somewhere. I thought of a good way to do the windows too...I'll just put a heavy coat of clear gloss on some printer paper (remember when it was called typing paper?) to make it translucent. At the moment, work has slowed to be able to complete another project today, glueing a map to foam board with spray adhesive.
Be really careful when you use this stuff as it is highly flammable. It even contains propane! Good thing it is going to be warm outside today cause that is where we'll definitely be using it! Along with masks and goggles! I'll just have to get a picture of that one! LOL! Anyhoo, you're probably wondering, "Okay Deb, what's up?" Well, after I am done here, I am going over to my other new blog to write a few things. It's called "Twice Across America" and I hope you become members and follow along as this is going to be an amazing adventure. So with that, I will hop on over there and start typing info there for you. Both of these blogs will be running, so please continue to follow along here too. Have a great day!