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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

My Eyes are Sew Tired!

The laundry was barking around my ankles yesterday so had to deal with some of that first. Then I settled down with my needle and thread and went to work. I started by sewing the heel and toe onto the Christmas stocking.
After the lace was sewn in place, I was admiring my work when one of the minions came into the living room.
He looked over my shoulder and just said, "Needs more bling." Just when you think a project is close to being done....The kits for these do have quite a few sequins on them so I pulled out my box of sequins and pawed through them. After trying out a few different colors, the white ones seemed to look the best so away I went! Sequins were added to the heel and toe,
then I got the bright idea to sew them around the panel too. After a couple of hours, I was about 3/4 of the way around the center panel.
We had some supper, played on our computers for awhile and got ready for bed. Here I am minding my own business, just brushing my teeth, when I get hiccups. Not just little ones, big gulping ones. Nothing would make them leave. So there is Dear Hubby sleeping peacefully and I'm in the living room hiccupping! I figured I may as well work some more on the stocking so proceeded to sew on sequins and beads for another 2 hours. After I was done with the center panel, I decided to sew some on the edge of the white panel along the top.
The hiccups finally stopped when I was just beginning to sew on Olaf.
After a total of 4 hours hand sewing on this, my eyeballs are toast! LOL! I think I'll finish up the laundry and go pick up a few groceries later today, if the rain stops that is....Be careful out there in the weather and have a great day!