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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Progress on Buns & Roses

Had a little trouble sleeping last night so ended up in the shop poking around with the latest build. I glued it together with some Elmer's wood glue and set it aside to dry. Then I lightly sanded the front door with a piece of brown paper bag and gave that a second coat.
Played around with a business card design online for awhile and finally headed to bed. This morning, I heard the proprietors of the new shop having a discussion about how it was going. They weren't too sure about the masking tape, but agreed that at least it was progress and wasn't I just the slowest contractor they had ever come across?!
When I cleared my throat, they realized I was there and hurried away with lame excuses. Always checking up on me! LOL! They like it better with the tape removed
and watched with interest to see what I was going to do next. I swear I could smell popcorn....I got out my tub of border paste and the old brush I use.
I thought I'd try brushing the paste onto the wood this time instead of the paper to see if I could avoid the usual puckering.
So much for that idea...maybe it will calm down as it dries.
After a little while, I couldn't wait any longer and decided to do one of the windows to see how it would look! I think this is going to work fine and the light I have for the inside will give it just the right look. Here's what the translucent paper looks like in place.
Since it's raining here today, it will probably be tomorrow before the brick paper is dry so I think I will start work on the shutters next. Have a great day!