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Saturday, July 22, 2017

Roofing, Siding,...Injury!

Bill went out to start work on the addition at 6:30 this morning. Like many sections of the country, we've been having a hot spell for awhile now. He was hoping that Mr. Skellie would be out to help him, but our skeletal friend decided to sleep in. He wandered out to the shop about 7:45 just in time to see Bill finish shingling one half of the roof.
Since the temperature was already close to 80 degrees, Bill told Mr. Skellie to start up the air compressor so that they could start work on the siding. He was wondering why there was a wet spot under the compressor
and I explained that since he's only a baby compressor, he couldn't quite make it outside. Mr. Skellie made a face first and then laughed.
He made sure all the water was drained from the compressor and started it up. The roof was already getting too hot to work on, so my Dear Hubby asked Mr. Skellie to haul out a sheet of siding and hold it while he nailed it in place with the nail gun.
Of course, you-know-who wanted a turn with the nail gun too and he was trying to see if he could put more nails in than Bill.
Now there is more siding on the front!
As he was coming back into the shop, Mr. Skellie spotted a dead June bug.
He felt bad for it until I told him that they dive bomb your head and are just a pain in general. Then he had another idea....
"No way!" I said. You are not bringing that thing into the house...I don't care if it's dead. He threatened to toss it down the neck of my dress when I wasn't looking and I told him I have tools and know how to use them...Well, wouldn't you know, at that moment he tripped on some extension cords and fell and damaged his rotator cuff...basically, his arm fell off.
I took him inside for immediate surgery
and squirted out some two part epoxy.
Looks like he'll have to be on bed rest for the rest of the day.
He said he saw a bright light but I told him it was just my shop light and not to be so dramatic. I told him it was getting too hot to work outside any more anyway, so he will be chilling while the temperature rises. It's close to 90 degrees already, so my job for the rest of the day is to deal with a pile of filing that needs to be taken care of and Bill's going to clean out his T-shirt drawer. Going through his T-shirt drawer is like traveling back in time; I think some of those T's are from the 80's! LOL! Have a great day!