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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Mr. Skellie, Gentleman Farmer...

 Last night, I had gone outside to pick some corn for supper. As I looked around, I realized I was going to have to pick it all and get it ready for freezing. One ear was overloaded with ants, so I left it behind on the ground. Cooked with butter and salt, it was delicious! This morning, Mr. Skellie announced that he would help me today. He told me to grab my hat and we were off to the garden.
I have sunflowers out there too and they were saying hello to the morning sun.
Remember that ear of corn I left behind last night? This was all that was left,
night visitors for sure. Since it was still early and cool, Mr. Skellie got right to work and soon filled the paper bag I had brought out with us.

He's already picked out the one he wants for supper, of course, it is the biggest one...go figure.
He thought our work was done, but when I told him to start shucking, he didn't know what I was talking about. I opened one up and he was surprised to see actual corn in there! LOL!
After we both worked for a little while, he came across his first corn borer.
After he got over his shock, they chatted for awhile and I explained that Mr. Corn Borer was going into the shucking bag. I failed to mention he would probably make a great snack for one of the birds. I knew we'd been out in the sun too long when Mr. Skellie asked how he would look as a blonde...
We both cracked up and headed into the house to blanch the corn. I cut off the ends nibbled by Mr. Corn Borer and his family
and got the water boiling. Mr. Skellie helped me pop the corn into the pot

and then watched as I cleaned the sink to get it ready for ice water.
I used my Young Living Thieves Cleaner and filled the sink with cold water and lots of ice. We let the corn boil for 6 minutes, then put each ear into the ice water. Mr. Skellie thought it would be great fun to float around on an ear of corn, but it couldn't support his weight and he got a good dunking!
I helped him out and dried him off and he started labeling the freezer bags for me.
3 minutes in the ice water and I pulled the corn out and put it into the bags.
We did all of this 2 more times and stacked all of the bagged corn in the freezer.
I think I will sit down for a little while and maybe after lunch, we'll make squash bread! Yum! Have a great day!