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Sunday, July 9, 2017

Another busy day for Mr. Skellie...

I went out to my wildflower garden to see what new flower might have bloomed and saw this beautiful poppy and a red flower with velvety petals.

This started as a good-sized bag of wildflower seeds that we bought on impulse back in the spring when we were on a trip to Lowes. The wildflowers have been such a delightful addition to our yard and didn't cost me an arm and a leg. Speaking of arms and legs, I heard Mr. Skellie hollering, "Come see! Come see!" I walked over to the shop and there he is running the radial arm saw today.
He must think I stock spare parts for him or something...After cutting the 2x4's at the correct angle on one end, he'd hand them up to Bill and he nailed them in place.
Looks like there will be a roof by the end of the day! Woo! Hoo! He had borrowed my camera earlier and got a shot of Bill attaching the ridge board to the roof of the shop.
The roof rafters are attached at one end to the metal brackets along the top of the walls and the other end is screwed to the ridge board. The structure is a lot more stable now and Mr. Skellie sat down for a minute to admire their work.
He would hold the ladder for Bill each time he went up and down and has been indispensable during this project.
Some small stud pieces had to be put in along the front of the first set of rafters and Mr. Skellie was pondering what tool to use.
He ended up with the impact driver which he prefers now. If I can come up with a reason to have one of those in my shop, I would pick up one of these too....they are kind of cute in a Boston Terrier sort of way. Now that the roof trusses are just about done, Mr. Skellie was goofing around and got himself into a fix!
Just as he lost his grip, I caught him in my pocket.
I turned him loose and he walked away a little embarrassed. So I went into the kitchen and rustled up a snack for these guys....homemade sausage, egg, and cheese biscuits!
Now fortified, they were back at it in earnest. Bill wants to get the roof on by the end of the day, so I will keep you posted. Have a great day!