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Monday, July 17, 2017

Mr. Skellie is one busy guy...

I planned on going up to see my mom last week and packed up everything I figured I'd need for the two days I would be there. I remember when I was younger and my mom would come and visit and I was always amazed at how many bags she would bring with her. Well, I must have officially become a grandma because now I do the same thing!  
And, of course, I have to bring my pillow too....As I got ready to get behind the wheel of my truck, guess who is there to greet me.
He has made himself my designated driver....hey look, there was just orange juice in that glass, I swear....I asked him how he was going to reach the pedals and he motioned for me to have a look at the gas and brake pedals. Ha! The minions are in on this too!

He told me to just relax and take a nap and he would have me to my mom's before I knew it.
Just as I was about to drift off, I heard..."Gas!" "Brake!" "Slower!" "Faster!" Holy Smokes I said, what is all the racket? Well, I guess they have been practicing and that's how he communicates with the Minions since he can't reach the pedals. I showed him how to work the cruise once we got on Highway 81 and the trip was a lot quieter after that. I might even have gotten in a few winks. I helped him navigate Mom's driveway and he ran up the driveway ahead of me. He heard about the lovely lady that lives in Mom's dollhouse from the Captain and was just dying to meet her. He enjoys watching Marlene knit at home, so he was eager to see what Marilyn was working on.
He had a grand old time there and I had a nice visit with my mom. I drove on the way back home as Mr. Skellie had stayed up late partying the night before. The next day, Mr. Skellie was raring to go on the addition to the shop.  He helped unwrap the bundles of shingles
and cleaned up the plastic wrappers from them.
Then he threw a bunch of shingles up to Bill and scurried up there to help with weaving the valleys on each side of the roof.
Our neighbor had come over the night before and helped Bill get all the OSB on the roof and put down the Feltbuster to keep out the water until the shingles could go on. So this is where we are at right now. (I helped with the door....)
Don't worry, there are window holes under there, Bill just has to build the window frames before he cuts the holes. It's been 90 here with high humidity the last few days so progress has been slow but steady. I'm sure the neighbors have a heart attack when they see me go up the ladder, but this grandma is still pretty agile! ;) Have a great day!