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Saturday, July 8, 2017

I see....walls!

Another partly cloudy Saturday. The occasional clouds block the sun and that provides a lot of relief for my hard working guys. Mr. Skellie got out there early and was trimming the 2x4's with the skilsaw as fast as Bill could nail them together.
Before I knew it, the walls were all assembled and Mr. Skellie helped Bill by holding each one upright
while my Dear Hubby put a few screws in and then some corner braces to hold them up. Mr. Skellie then manned the deadblow hammer to pound them a little bit to make sure the walls were straight before fastening them to the shed.
He had to take a breather after that
and I ran and got them both some cold Powerade;
sure don't want leg cramps in the night! Our neighbor came over to give them both a hand and progress was much faster after that.
There's only so much a 6" plastic skeleton can do after all. After running the pretty sinister looking vacuum around to suck up the sawdust,
he was spent and wanted to come back into the air-conditioned house.
(I really think he wants to flirt with Marlene....) We have 2 hours before the rain is supposed to hit again, so Bill and our neighbor are working out the roof angles while Mr. Skellie takes a nap. He said that Powerade goes right through him......Hope you are all enjoying July...have a great day!