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Friday, April 1, 2016

Becoming a Stonemason....

It's bright and early here in Tennessee. Soft April rain is falling, the birds are singing and everything is turning that amazing spring green. I have been busy unloading our camper and washing towels, sheets, and rugs but am taking a breather to try my hand at a little stonework. Yes, I said it....the church wants to be made of stone. Just because I'm bigger than them, the minions think hauling rocks is easy for me. Whew! And mixing all that cement....for a whole building! ;) I started out by painting a second coat of grey on the church.
It looks blue in some of the pictures, but it's really more like this picture. I have one of those daylight bulbs in my work lamp and it tends to make things look bluish. After tearing up some egg carton,
I started glueing on the pieces.
I decided to start on the back wall to get more of a feel for this.
After doing a section, I decided to add the glue to show you how this works. Normally, I would wait until I did the whole side, but I couldn't wait that long! LOL! Squirt a generous amount of white glue on the stone section and spread it around with your fingers.
Then I wet one of my fingers and run it over the stones a couple of times.
If any small bubbles form, just pop them with a toothpick. I did this last night and this is what it looks like this morning.
So this is going to be a little stone church out in the country. The minions love it already and have been sitting on their bleachers eating popcorn while I work on this. They were discussing how sweaty I get hauling all that rock and how funny my hair looks when the humidity gets to it. I threatened to put them back in the toolbag and they quieted right down! LOL! So enjoy your spring day and even if you have snow where you are, know that that will help all the lovely spring plants to grow as it melts. Have a great day!