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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Whew! These stones are heavy!

Sleepless nights are good for something! Was too wound to sleep right away so decided to go to my shop. The minions were sound asleep, so I had to be very quiet so I wouldn't wake them. You really don't want to deal with minions who have been startled awake. The fart guns come out, they have slingshots and there is general pandemonium! Bill needs his rest and sure didn't need to wake up to all that nonsense! So I quietly tore up more egg carton and started on one side of the church. My stonework is getting a little better, so I have saved the front for last. The pastor was still up studying, so came over to encourage me in my efforts. A little encouragement goes a long way! I started glueing the "stone" on and trimmed a few to fit.
Then it was on to the first coat of glue!
While that was drying, I took another look at the inside of the egg carton. Hmmm, that divider has bark texture on it...I bet if I cut out the centers, those would make great windows for the fairy village.
The glue was slow to dry, so I quit for the night and went to bed. In the morning, I put a second coat of glue on and this is what it looks like now.
The minions were tickled that I managed to get another wall done while they were sleeping. They even brought me some banana donuts to go with my coffee! Yum! Take care out there today and rejoice that it's spring!