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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Bubble Wrap and Stained Glass....

All was quiet in the house when I heard a faint popping sound. Since I was still awake, I got up to have a look. I heard it again and figured it was coming from my shop. When I turned on the light, there was Bob having a good old time with a piece of bubble wrap he found!
We both laughed and I thought I may as well do some work on the church since I was up. The rest of the minions were having a party over at Outback Steakhouse so I thought I would start one of the stained glass windows. I had a piece of stained glass look vinyl
left from the window I did in our camper
so thought I could use a piece of it in the church.  I cut out a circle the size of the trim and glued it on. Then glued the clear window that came in the kit over it.
After letting that dry for a bit, I glued it in place.
This is actually the third try...the first time, I glued the stained glass piece in backwards and had to take it apart. The second time I didn't let the whole thing dry enough before glueing it on the church and it slipped around and got glue all over....counted to ten on that one! LOL! So while that was drying, I went over to see what Bob was up to. Well, seems the word has gotten around about the fairy village and the minions want in pretty badly. So they have been resorting to some interesting tactics to prove they qualify. Here's Bob,
then Kevin got in the act too...of course his had to be bigger...
I said, "Hey, where did you guys get this stuff?" Then I looked at my bench! Holy smokes what a mess!
Looks like I'll be busy tomorrow cleaning this up and organizing it. So we have made a little bit of progress and hopefully it will continue. Have a great day!