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Saturday, June 3, 2017

A Dastardly Deed!...and more...

Every morning while the coffee is brewing, I look out my back door and and watch the birds, trees and flowers all bursting with spring. As I looked toward one of the birdhouses, what I saw made my blood run cold. There, scattered across the lawn were large white feathers.
I rushed outside to see if there was someone's poor chicken huddled away somewhere. We do have a hawk that hangs around you see. As I looked at the evidence, there were no signs of a struggle, no blood, and when I looked closer, the large white feathers seemed almost as if they were arranged. I kept searching and found two small white eggs.
I thought it would be easy to put them back in the swallow nest, but when I turned them over, both eggs had been peirced and the tiny chick inside had gone to birdie heaven. I peeked in the birdhouse to see if any other eggs had been spared and had the male swallow swooping at my head the whole time. The nest was empty and I wondered who the culprit was.
When I looked out at the house later in the day, there was a sparrow with his head peeking out with a very smug expression on his face. (Can birds have smug expressions?) So he is my number one suspect for now and we're hoping the swallows take back their house. Had an Uh oh moment with the quilt shop. I was messing around making an astragal for my tea cabinet the other day and happened to glance at the instructions for the quilt shop building on my bench. I was supposed to put pieces around the front edges!
Whoopsie! Fortunately, the hinges only have one screw in them right now so they can be removed and repositioned...after I paint and glue the pieces on. Now I'm thinking I should probably do the outside and the wallpaper inside before putting on the strips...So that is where that is right now. And last but not least, I found a new tea kettle that I really love! The flowered kettles in the MacKenzie Childs catalog are beautiful but beyond what I want to spend so I just did without for a long time. The Pioneer Woman to the rescue! She came out with a beautiful flowered tea kettle for only $25 and it now brightens my kitchen. 😁
It's a beautiful day here in Tennessee today, have a great day!