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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Goodies in the mail!

When I arrived home from getting my hair trimmed today, I noticed packages on the front porch. I just love packages! I picked them up and brought them into the house. It wasn't long before I heard little skeleton feet running down the hall and Mr. Skellie was dancing around my legs wanting to see what came in the mail.
I asked him to go get the box cutter so we could open up our booty! He came in with it
and we started with the Young Living box.
People do open box videos of their orders, but Mr. Skellie prefers still shots so here we are. Mmmm, nicely packed...
and check out what was inside!
Some Slique to support healthy weight management, some Young Living deodorant, 3 bottles of foaming hand soap with the pumps (1 for each sink),a bottle of Purification that I like to use in the washer, and a surprise....
Spearmint Vitality! Yum! How about some spearmint frosting on the next batch of brownies...sounds good! Then I opened the box from Life Science and found the books I ordered to send to new sign-ups!
I told Mr. Skellie he has to get cracking on his next presentation...I think it's going to be about Ningxia, Young Living's essential oil infused wolfberry's delicious! I saved the best package from my daughter for last. Enclosed was a nice note and some oils I had been wanting but was going to wait until next month's order to get.
My sweet, sweet girl! Thank-you so much Honey! So I think I will go sniff the new oils and then get cracking on cleaning up the kitchen. Have a great day!