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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Trip to Savannah and Home...

I was so wound up about the poor birdies the other day that I forgot to tell you about our trip to see our son and his family! They live in a lovely home and he wanted to do a bit of remodeling. So we packed up to go for a visit for a few days over Memorial Day weekend. It's about a 6 1/2 hour drive from here, but there's nothing I like better than a good road trip with my Dear Hubby. The day was clear and beautiful and we didn't come across too many crazies on the road. I did see a couple of billboards that made me smile. The first one was: "Country Cookin' makes you good lookin'!" Let's just say that is definitely puffery for sure! LOL! The second one showed a frog in the lotus position on an inner tube and it was for a company called "Zen Tubing" and their slogan was "Get in touch with your inner tube..." It cracked me up. When we arrived, Bill and Caleb got right to work building a wall in their master bedroom. The room is very large and was an L shape. It was kind of a second room but not a room so they built a wall with a doorway there and it became the "man room" of the house. The wall on the right in this picture is the new one.
The new room even has it's own air conditioning vent and a double window and easy access to the bathroom. If they sell one day, it will make a great nursery or even an office. But for now, there's a masculine place for my son to retreat to in a houseful of beautiful ladies
(my sweet daughter-in-law and their 3 beautiful daughters of course.) The next project was a large archway into the dining room which made the perfect visual separation from the kitchen. I will put up a picture when that is complete...we managed to get everything done but the sanding and painting so I am eager to see how it looks. A few days after we returned, both Bill and I were hit with a stomach bug of some kind and I am finally feeling better today. I have tried to stick close to home so as not to spread it around but I actually went outside today to get a picture of the early morning clouds on the mountain.
Now you know why they call them the "Smokey Mountains" here. Later on, I went out to pull a few weeds and got a picture of the very first gladiola bloom of the season.
I know these flowers are seen by some to be a little over the top, but I just love big bouquets of them. Can't wait until there are more out there! Uh oh, I just heard the clitter, clatter of little feet and you know what that means...the skellies are up and about! I was sure there would be rude comments about something, but Mr. Skellie had climbed up to the Minion Village to Larry & Louie's Landscaping
and got me a bunch of flowers.
I didn't ask if he went under the cover of darkness...I mean, you don't look a gift horse in the mouth around here...He said he heard I was under the weather and wanted to bring something to cheer me. He said he was sorry about the "wide load" comments but since seeing my x-rays, they know I am one of them and were just "busting my chops". Who knew a small plastic skeleton could have such a big heart. I was careful not to cry on him as he didn't want to get his bones wet so he scampered off and brought me back a tissue.
As he was leaving, he turned and said, "Ya big crybaby!" and winked. At least I think he did, this eye socket thing can get a bit disconcerting sometimes.....hurrah, I am one of them! Have a great day!