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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Rainy Days and Wednesdays....

It's raining cats and dogs outside today
so I am sitting here nice and cozy at my dining room table with my kitchen lamp on writing about the latest adventures.
Bill came home from work and the doors for the china cabinet were laid out on the table. Mr. Skellie wanted to make sure he didn't miss anything...
"Pretty hard to miss you sweetheart...Ha! Ha!" Just be quiet over there or I'll put you back in the shop. Just the kind of "help" I need....Dear Hubby gathered up the tools he would need and started by mounting the piano hinges on the doors.

Since the bookcase is a particle board wonder, we decided on one long hinge instead of 3 small ones. It was kind of a balancing act to screw the hinges to the side pieces,
but it wasn't long before it was done.
When I woke up the next morning, I was hit with an idea. Bonk! Ow! When I took everything out of the bookcase, I pulled off a piece of tape I had used to hold up a saucer. It took the fake wood film off the shelf with it. What could I use to prop up the plates and saucers to display them? Bill and his sister have been building a coffee table out of leftover oak flooring. He cut off the tongue and the grooves along the edges and set them aside for me. The plan was hatched! Of course, Mr. Skellie thinks it was all his idea, but even if it was, I ended up doing all the work. I cut each piece to length, stained them,

and glued and clamped them in place.
I could remove all but the last shelf so that worked fine. When I got to the bottom shelf, I used an old trick I had read about. Wood glue was rubbed along the bottom of the wood piece, then dots of superglue were added too. I held the wood strip in place for a couple of minutes and the superglue holds until the wood glue dries.
These were left overnight to dry and I put a few pieces of china in the cabinet this morning. When I got home from running errands, I washed up the last bits of china and had fun organizing it into a pleasing arrangement.
Nice to look at while I eat my breakfast...Hey, wait a second, what are you doing in there?!
Not sure I want to drink out of a cup that held Mr. Skellie's bony butt! So, another project done....on to painting more window trim for the quilt shop! Have a great day!