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Saturday, June 24, 2017

One hard-workin' Skellie!

The rain we were having quit so Dear Hubby went over to Greeneville to rent a piece of equipment. He has plans! When he drove up with it on the trailer, Mr. Skellie was super excited. "Can I drive it?! Can I drive it?!" Hold on there Mr. Skellie, let's get it off the trailer first.
Once it was on the grass, Bill gave Mr. Skellie a ride over to the shop.
He taught him how to work the controls
and together they started drilling the nine holes the little add-on is going to take.
After drilling the first hole, Bill had to use a shovel to clean all the loose dirt and rocks out of the hole...whew, what a lot of rocks!
Mr. Skellie went over to inspect his work and was amazed how deep the hole was.
"Be careful, you're leaning awfully close to the edge....
Whoops! There he went! Are you okay down there?"
I pulled him out and he said he hurt his head in the fall.
I took him into the shop and it turned out his leg was hurt too, so I put him in a clamp and he has to rest for a few hours.
I went back outside to tell Bill Mr. Skellie was okay and then noticed my toes!
Gotta love Bermuda grass....guess I'll go inside and wash them off, and then go back outside and watch a certain handsome man run it hot in here or is it me...😉 Have a great day!