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Saturday, June 10, 2017

Essential Oils 101! Your Personal Invite!

Everyone in the shop is very excited about Mr. Skellie's very first oil class! I think that even The Captain and Rose from the Steampunk Summerhouse are coming. The minions are busy making stacks of banana donuts and Larry and Louie are deciding what boutonniere to make up for Mr. Skellie to wear on ribs or something....we'll figure it out! LOL! The minions wanted to bring banana daiquiries for everyone, but they make them pretty strong and we want people to remember things the next their own name and such. They suggested banana coffee instead but everyone went "Ewww" when they heard that so that idea was nixed. So while everyone is scampering around getting things ready, here is Mr. Skellie's invitation:

Let's make hay while the sun shines!

I would like to personally invite you to my very first
Essential Oils 101 Class!
The class will start at 2:00 EST Sunday, June 11, 2017
There will be a short break, (so my assistant, Debra, can type more stuff in) and then start again at 3:00 for the Grand Finale. Everyone who signs up and purchases a
Premium Starter Kit will receive extra gifts in the mail (again, from my loyal assistant)
There is no sign-up fee and you can cancel at anytime without mysterious charges
appearing on your charge card (been there, done that)
Come on by and take a listen!