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Saturday, May 20, 2017

It's hot here!

When it's hot outside, my thoughts turn! Not very often, LOL! But since dear Hubby is caught up in projects in his shop, the trim on top of the quilt shop is sidelined for a little while. I have lots of window frames to paint so put the skellies to work cleaning up the mess they made while I was at my mom's house.
There was the usual whining, but I soon heard them in there sweeping and vacuuming and saw a cloud of dust drift it's way into the dining room. While they were busy doing that, my job was to remove all the tea things from the bookcase in the dining room so that the doors can go on.
After taking everything out and putting it on the counter, I realized this is going to take awhile.
One of the reasons I asked Bill to make doors for me is dust...and as you can see, I have quite a collection of that too!
One of the skellies came out to see what I was doing and started sneezing and complaining. Then he walked over to the side of the bookcase and found a friend.
He wants to keep him as a pet hoping he'll grow big enough to ride someday. I told him spiders were outside pets and with the new swallows nesting in the yard, the fly population had greatly decreased so it would be pretty hard to find him enough food. I pulled out the vacuum and told Mr. Skellie that the spider was going to take a trip down a long tube to spider paradise. He was content with that and Mr.Spider is no more! (Whew! Close one...) The cabinet is all nice and clean and I moved all the tea stuff to wash later as we are having company tomorrow and I am making my potato salad that Bill likes.
The doilies got washed too,
and I even have some great hardware for the doors.
But, looks like the doors will be another day so wanted to show you what I found waiting to go out with the trash. I'm sure something cool can be made out of this!
So the ribs are in the smoker, company is on the way and here's a picture to make you drool....
Have a great day!