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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Made some Progress!

After the intervention the other day, I found myself in the shop this afternoon. I got a late start because I went to the chiropractor and returned my new glasses. Back in the eighties, the big glasses were fun and looked pretty good...I learned something though; big glasses also magnify your eye bags! Not good...So it was a good thing the minions fixed my glasses earlier cause it looks like I'll be wearing them for another 10 days. So with the tape firmly in place on my old glasses, I began. I had one more window opening to enlarge so got right to it.

I thought I had one more window opening...turns out the skylight opening needed some work too.
I made short work of it
and then hunted around for the assembly instructions...I know they're around here somewhere...found them!
First the side walls were glued and taped in place,
then all three floors.
The quilt ladies wanted to try everything out and made quite a fuss about arranging things just so.Two of them started to argue about where the pink cutting table was going to go so once I broke them up and gave them some tea and cookies, they settled down long enough for a picture. Who knew that fabric bolts could be used as weapons....
The front wall is going to be hinged in place to keep out dust and to prevent the ladies from taking a tumble.
I then weighed the whole thing down with books to dry overnight.
Next time I'm in Lowes, I'll look for a narrow piano hinge and a piece of egg and dart molding to go along the top edge like I did for my Teashop.
It's good to be back in the shop again and the only thing the skellies pulled this time was to spread sawdust all over the place...I think they're trying to tell me something...Have a great day!