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Friday, May 5, 2017

A Rainy Friday Afternoon...

Worked on laundry today and also tried to get my computer to run a little faster. It's interesting when the program that is supposed to be fixing glitches has a glitch...this skellie is getting quite a kick out of it...the blue circle of death...
Before the clouds moved in today, I got a nice shot of the mountains out front.
They're now green all the way to the top and you forget how intensely green everything is here in the spring. Really enjoying all the plants Bill has been putting in and watching my Boston ferns sway in the breeze on my front porch. Ahhh....I'm afraid this post is going to be full of randomness today, LOL! Was looking at Pinterest the other day and saw a pin about making a small fairy garden in a container glued to a candlestick. The parts looked familiar so I rummaged around in my kitchen cabinets and came across these.
I don't know why I only have one of these candlesticks, but that works for what I have in mind. With a little E6000 cement, the two have become one.
So somewhere down the road, I'll build a teeny fairy garden. Come to think of it, I even have the fairies for it...
Don't get distracted! The next thing on the quilt shop was to look for the molding for the top edge. I went to Lowes and found out I had to buy an 8 foot piece. The only thing is, I only need 4 feet and have limited storage area. The guy there told me I could buy 4 feet and just pay the 8 foot price...why would I want to do that?! So went back today with Dear Hubby and showed him the molding. He started searching through the pile and found a nice piece that was severely warped.
He went over to talk to the guy and got it for half price! So I got 8 feet for the price of 4...I'm bringing him along everytime I go. :) So this is what it looks like:
Looks like it had been in the store since 2002!
I'll use some sand paint on it and then paint it gray and antique it so it will look like the cement decorations on life size old buildings. I spent some time looking at hinges while we were in Lowes and found these to use on the hinged front.
I'm going to need a little help installing the hinges and the molding on the top, but Dear Hubby doesn't mind helping me. And as a final look, these were the glasses I returned.
Magnified eye bags and racoon eyes! LOL! Have a great day.