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Sunday, May 21, 2017

Spending time in Bill's Shop...

The top molding and hinges needed to be done on the quilt shop before more progress could be made. So since it is raining outside today, I got out my umbrella and carried the quilt shop out to Bill's shop. We evened up the sides and added a clamp to keep everything lined up while the hinges were being applied.
He used a spring punch to march where the screws needed to go
and just put one screw on each side of the hinge to see if it was going to work the way I wanted.
The screw coming through the door side had plenty of room

so I added some Gorilla super glue around the screw.

When that's dry, I'll nip off the point of the screw and file it down even with the wood. Where the hinge was attached to the body of the quilt shop, there wasn't as much for the screw to grab onto so Dear Hubby was searching for a thin piece of wood. "How about a paint stick?" I said. And of course, that's exactly what we used...😊 When he cut the pieces on his big radial arm saw, the pieces flew through the air! We managed to find them
and then removed the hinges from the wall and glued the extra wood in place.
So, what to do do while the glue dries? I came back into the house and went into my shop and found the jar of paint I had picked up at Lowes a couple of weeks ago.
The white craft paint I had was getting kind of old so I wanted to try this out. After a light sanding, the window frames were ready to start painting.
This is going on pretty good so far.
Tomorrow when I go into Johnson City for my visit with the chiropractor, I'll stop by the glass place to pick up the doors for the china bookcase, I mean, cabinet. The doilies are all dry, I'll just have to wash all the china before it goes in. Now I know why my collection isn't any larger....have a great day!