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Saturday, April 29, 2017

Is this what I think it is?!

It started out as a normal Saturday afternoon. I was cleaning up the kitchen when I heard giggling coming from the shop. Uh, oh, what are they up to now....I heard the pastor's voice, "Debra, come here quick!" I stopped short at the doorway when I saw everyone gathered together. The minions were there of course
along with a new buddy from Belize,
The Captain and Rose were there too.
The skellies were on their carnival ride singing out..."It wasn't our idea!"
The Steampunk family,
the ladies from the Tea Shop,
and even the new ladies from the quilt shop were there.
The quilt shop ladies haven't known me for very long and were very apologetic. Everyone gazed at me and suddenly, the light went on. Is this an intervention? Rose was very nice and said they were all concerned that I had lost interest in them and they missed me coming into the shop in the middle of the night. I explained that now that I was going to the chiropractor, I was sleeping much better and certainly had no intention of stopping work on all of their projects. As usual, I had to make a chart to assure them that I had a plan for each of their projects and still wanted them all as friends too. A cheer went up all around and wouldn't you know, the minions brought banana donuts for everyone and the quilt ladies brought homemade chocolate cake, (sister-in-law's recipe). The ladies from the tea shop brought some delightful scones and Vincent claimed he didn't hear the part about bringing food....;) I'm not sure if this was a real intervention or just an excuse to eat goodies but we all had a grand old time. Then someone brought out the banana daiquiries and I don't remember much after that....Stay tuned for more work coming out of my shop! Have a great day!