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Friday, March 4, 2016

Interior Decorating...

The minions have decided on colors for their church. I was going to paint it white, but then realized that this was a minion church and they might like something a little different. After much discussion, and maybe a bit of arguing and bonking each other in the head a few times, they made a decision. The meeting went on for so long that they started to get hungry and when minions get hungry they start thinking about bananas. So one of them said, "How about a nice pale yellow with white trim just like banana cream pie..." Well, that got everyone drooling and with a hasty "Meeting's over!" they all ran over to Buns & Roses for some of those banana donuts and I hear they've also added banana cream pie in honor of the new color. So this is what it looks like after a couple of coats.
It's hard to get a good picture of it but I will keep trying as we go along. I got the last coat of white on the pulpit
and while I was out doing the Walmart thing the other day, I found some cross charms and one of them fit on the front just right. I clipped off the ring on the top with my wire cutters and glued it on with some 527 cement.
That was all I got done today. I'll put on a couple more coats of paint on the interior and then it can be glued together and I can start the board and batten on the outside. When Dear Hubby came home last night, he brought me a surprise! If you've been following my other blog, Twice Across America , you'll see the trip we have planned this summer. This tool bag will hold many of my tools so that I can "mini across America".
We are leaving the beginning of May and when the time gets closer, I will go over packing up and what I'll be bringing with me to work on while I wait for Bill on his bicycle. But for now, work continues on the Minion Village! Have a great day!