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Monday, March 21, 2016

Cavorting with Minions...

March in Tennessee means it's grass-mowing time! I got out of it this time because I am still coughing and hacking. So my Dear Hubby went outside to start up the mower. When the minions heard it start up, they all looked at me horrified. "We didn't get to cavort in the flowers yet!" they said. This is something new to me, so I assured them we could go outside and they could cavort all they wanted until Bill got to that section of grass. We had quite a few tiny violets pop up in the lawn this year so there was a nice patch in the back part of the lot. I had to carry them all out there as their legs are kind of short. I think these guys have been hanging out at Buns & Roses a little too much, or it could be all those lunches at Outback Steakhouse, I hear the Crominions have some nice lunch specials; anyway, they are heavy! So by the time I carried them out to the violet patch  
and then over to where some dandelions were,
then back into the house, I was exhausted! I fell asleep on my workbench and the minions figured out how to use my new camera and snapped a shot of me.
I heard them all laughing and woke up. All they could say between gasps is something about my face being scrunched up and wasn't I just hilarious. Oh well, they are funny to have around anyway. So right now, we are on the road!
I packed up the Minion Church to bring along but I'm not sure how far I'll get with it. We are going over Bill's southern part of his bike route before summer to check out road conditions and connect with churches along the way for speaking engagements. Hop on over to Twice Across America to check on our progress. Our little camper has hit a few snags, but we dealt with each one as it happened so we will be all set for summer. Have a great day!