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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Under the Weather...

Don't worry, I'm still here. When Bill came back from a trip to Dallas, he came down with a heavy cold. After a week went by, I thought I was safe....nope, now I have it. Hacking and blowing my nose and general exhaustion. But today was a little teeny bit better than yesterday, so dragged myself into the shop to have a look around. The minions were very concerned for me and bought me a cake from Buns & Roses.
They were also working on some chicken soup, their very own recipe, and once I was settled on the sofa, they brought me some. The bowls were kind of small...they each had only one noodle, so it took awhile to fill me up. Felt a little like Gulliver. LOL! I didn't ask what was in it, but it had a faint aftertaste of bananas. I guess they thought I needed more potassium! LOL! Then the pastor came by and said he would pray for me so I am in good hands for sure.
This past weekend, we picked up our little camper and started the mini makeover.
For those of you that enjoy following that blog, it's here: Twice Across America  I think I will go get some more rest now, have a great day!