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Friday, August 4, 2017

Mr. Skellie helps make a window....

Since the rain seems to be holding off, Dear Hubby went out to the shop to start the other two windows. Mr. Skellie made sure he had something to drink and they both went to work. Mr. Skellie was wondering how Bill was going to make a window out of a solid wall.
"Watch out Mr. Skellie!" said Bill as he used his small circular saw to cut out the opening. "So that's how it's done"...said Mr. Skellie. He helped Bill measure the opening
and they began to cut the first piece to length on the sliding compound miter saw.
Bill's friend Edwardo suggested that Mr. Skellie have an accident with this saw but Mr. Skellie is too smart for that. When he heard Edwardo's idea, Mr. Skellie used some colorful language that's not appropriate for this blog...shame on you Mr. Skellie, Edwardo was just being silly. The next step was to cut each end of the piece to make a sill.
Here it is in place.
They both lifted it back out and proceeded to make the whole frame so it can just slide in and be nailed in place.
Mr. Skellie wanted to do some of the nailing, but Bill said with his arm still healing, he could keep an eye on the nail and make sure it stays straight.
While nailing it together, one of the nails went in a little crookedy and came out where it wasn't supposed to.
Bill made short work of fixing it and slipped it into the window opening. It wasn't quite level,
but a shim or two will take care of that. Well, I thought Mr. Skellie was working that arm a little too hard and sure enough, it came off again.
Before I brought him inside to fix it, he wanted to know if he could freak Bill out with it. "Hey Bill, do you need a hand?" he said.
I was laughing so hard, I couldn't talk. After Bill calmed down, he cut the wood pieces for the window stops and nailed those in place. Then Bill, our neighbor, and Mr. Skellie propped up the glass and nailed in the inside stop pieces.

We all finished up just as the first sprinkles started to fall.
I think Mr. Skellie is going to need more than just epoxy this time. He had to be airlifted to the hospital where Dr. Bonebreaker was waiting to perform immediate surgery. He's a close relative of Officer Bonebreaker that we met on our trip last summer. (check out my Twice Across America blog) Hope Mr. Skellie's not afraid of flying....Have a great day!