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Thursday, August 10, 2017

A Postcard from Mr. Skellie!

How do you spend your days when your favorite little skeleton is away on vacation? My garden has kept me busy with all the tomatoes and corn that seem to all ripen all at once. Blanching and freezing corn and wondering what to do with all the tomatoes...The summer squash is long past and the last ones have been in the freezer for awhile now. There is one large watermelon I'm keeping my eye on that somehow got itself mixed in with the corn and I'm still looking for blooms on the sweet potato vines. When I checked the mail box, what was in there was a postcard from "Skull Cracker" aka Mr. Skellie.
He wrote that he is having a great time meeting new people and has been approached to be in an ad campaign of some sort. He said he'd fill me in when he gets home....this weekend! He wanted to be modest in the picture so he wouldn't offend any of my where have I seen that pose before....Also said he has a surprise for me and treated his bike to new seat covers too. Can't wait to see him! Have a great day!