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Saturday, August 5, 2017

It's a Miracle! and....Sturgis?

 I was getting ready to go pick up Mr. Skellie from the hospital after his operation when I heard a low rumble outside. Here comes Mr. Skellie riding up on a Harley!
"Where, what, how?" I sputtered. Turns out Dr. Bonebreaker has some interesting methods. He remembers something about being on a stretcher and being raised up high where the roof opened and there was lightning...after that everything went dark.  Hmmm, sounds vaguely familiar....Somehow, Mr. Skellie's arm is as good as new and the Dr. told him he could do anything he wanted; so what he wanted was a motorcycle! He went by the Harley dealer in the city and they had this one on sale for a very small price. He had just enough from his Young Living business. There was more. He wants to go out to bike week in Sturgis, South Dakota. "But, but you've never been away from home before..." I stammered. But if there's anything I've learned is when one of your kids, or skellies, wants to try something and it is something within your power to help with, go for it. Okay, what do we need to do? To start with, he wants more bling on his Harley. Some running lights were a good start,
then we added a new side mirror
and a cross on the back.
I had picked up this license plate once as I figured this day would come. After all that was done, he said, "Now do me!" I started by making him a doo rag.
It was fabric from Marlene so he really liked that part. When he put his arms down, I noticed the tattoos.

Where did those come from; they look like they've been drawn on with marker. Mr. Skellie admitted that they were only because the tattoo artist was not schooled on how to tattoo on bone. He told him they would be fine as long as he doesn't go out in the rain...I didn't say anything. So, "Skull Cracker" as he now wants to be called, also wanted a chain too. "Skull Cracker?" I asked. "Yes, that's my new cool biker name" he said. It took some finagling with my needle nose pliers and some chain and a couple of jump rings, but I managed it.
So here he is, all ready for his new adventure.
He rolled up Marilyn's afghan for a bedroll and raided the pantry for snacks. Then with a quick kiss good-bye, he was off for Sturgis!
"Drive careful" I hollered. I was kind of mopey after that and wandered out to the shop to help Bill with the second window. He can always cheer me up and soon we were working on getting the window done and in place. Now it's just a matter of primer and paint and the outside will be done!
Have a great day!