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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

The skellies are concerned....

The skellies were not amused. "Why didn't we get a new ride?!" they asked. I said, "I have something much more interesting for all of you. Remember the discussion I overheard the other day...well, I think I have some answers for you." They said, "It's a little late for "the talk", don't you think?!" I just rolled my eyes and told them to meet me in the dining room. Since I am so much bigger than they are, they had been speculating as to what exactly held me up. "Yeah, "wide load", Ha! Ha!" one crowed. Honestly, what I have to put up with around here. I explained that I had been to the chiropracter a few times now and that he was straightening out my spine so that I could function better. All I got was blank eye sockets....."What do you mean mean, like us?!" I nodded and said I can prove it to you...I had x-rays done. The only thing they could find to hang them up on was one of their coffins...a bit macabre, but they could relate. I hung up the x-rays, and 2 of them fainted dead away. I knew I put a rug down for a good reason....
2 others looked genuinely concerned

and one took the x-rays and laughed his head off at them.
Talk about some different responses!  "Why are you all crookedy? What did you do to your skellie?" "Just life," I said. One of them noticed the underwires on one of the x-rays. "Hey, I know what those hold up! That's a good lookin' skellie if I've ever seen one!" "Quiet you," I said, "This is a family blog....." I had also brought all the pamplets I had received so far for them to read.
One was reading all about subluxations
and another one was reading about family care.
Then they got the bright idea that maybe they were all subluxated too and that they were part of my family so how about appointments for all of them? "There's 25 of you guys, when I win the lottery," I said. They wanted to know this guy's name so they could go look him up on the internet. I said, "Here's a link: Myers Chiropractic . He is very knowledgable and has been at this location for 12 years now." Well wouldn't you know, one of the skellies looked it up on Google maps and noticed that there's a Hooter's they will definitely want to go into Johnson City.....I'd better hide the truck keys.....have a great day!