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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Minion fun!

The minions were bored. They were tired of my excuses for not being in the shop, (grandchildren, broken glasses, houseguests, etc.). They found out that I went to have my eyes examined (no, not my head...) and heard about the new pink and purple glasses I ordered. When they found out they won't be ready until May 3rd, there was a heavy group sigh and they all plopped down for a nap. Since I was going to the chiropractor this morning...(uh, oh, the skellies just heard that...,) I decided to pick up a surprise for the minions. I was looking around in Michael's, with my coupon of course, and found just the thing. Four of them jumped on right away and they were laughing and yelling and having a great time.
Of course the inspectors had to come by to make sure it was safe and to chase the Cro-minions off the track.
I think these guys have a death wish!

A crowd started forming and they all patiently waited for their turns...
yeah right! LOL! After I broke up a few fights and made a chart of who can ride when, things settled down for a bit so I left them to it.
I went back in the shop a couple of hours later and they were all over at Buns & Roses having banana donuts and banana daquiris...I didn't even know the bakery got their liquor license....I really need to get that church done. But when I looked over at the new ride, I found my broken glasses temporarily fixed with some very colorful tape.
They do like me after all..😉 Now I don't have one lens touching my eye...have a great day!