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Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Rainy Day Projects...

Decided to fix the front bumper on the Summerhouse this morning, but before I could even think about it, it got accidentally bumped and the whole thing came unglued. Now there was a chip in it too...Got out the glue and glued the pieces back on
and then found some red paint in my new paint stash that happened to match exactly!
I love when that happens!As it was sitting on one end, I noticed two bare spots on the underside of the house.
After puzzling over that for a little while, it came to's missing an axle! I found a piece of dowel in my wood drawer that is just the right size...
now I just need the Big Guy to drill a hole through the dinette so I can reach the outlet to plug in my chop saw. Since he's an essential guy, he's been at work every day and comes home pretty tired. I'll see if I can hit him up this weekend to drill me some big holes! I didn't feel like painting so pulled out a package of charms I found at Walmart.
I've made earrings out of a lot of these so pulled out my needle nose pliers and made some earrings, repaired some old ones
and put three charms on a bracelet that my daughter gave me awhile back.
One of my granddaughters has been waiting for me to fix a necklace for her too, so also got that done.
I was going to go back and put some wallpaper up in the Summerhouse but the glue on the front bumper wasn't dry yet and I knocked it loose again. Dang! "Just glue it and leave it alone Debra!" That was Mr. Skellie hollering at me from his drawer. Ever since he bought a big screen TV, he doesn't come out for anything and he wants me to stay 6 feet away from him! I told him to quit listening to the news and come out and have some fun. Maybe I'll have to shut off the internet....Thank-you for stopping by!


  1. That's what I've been doing lately: all those repairs that pile up. I just got some gorilla super glue so I can finish them.

    1. Hey Tam! I bought some of that super glue careful with it, it foams.