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Tuesday, March 24, 2020

The Skeleton has spoken...

Here I am, the world famous Mr. Skellie! And yes, my ego is way bigger than I am! LOL! My fan Tammy sent me a present the other day...I just love presents...Debra hasn't made me anything lately, I don't think she loves me anymore so I am snagging her computer while she is in the shower to give you all an update. Her and the Big Guy have been living in a motorhome in the daughter's backyard for almost 7 months now. Her shop was carefully packed in boxes, not the ones I packed, but SHE was careful...LOL!And they are all in her daughter's garage and in a shed here. The plan was to build a shop in the garage but now that her daughter is married, stuff changes. Does anyone think of me around here?! Hello! The little plastic skeleton is talking! Anyhoo, I forgot to show you the present! This is me with the work apron that Debra so generously gave me...lace and all:
Now Tammy knows what I like...handcrafted with a place for my tools in a manly color!
So when Debra was helping me send a thank-you to Tammy, (she made me) she started to feel the want for a shop again....but how to do it. There's this sofa area in Motorhome Central that no one sits on as it is beastly uncomfortable.
Could it be removed and replaced with one of her workbenches so she can get her butt in gear and start making me stuff? The Big Guy said he would remove the couch and got a flashlight to get a look at all the bolts and stuff underneath. You would not believe how that is fastened in...I think the motorhome could go over a cliff and that sofa would still be attached but the Big Guy and I are going to have a go at it this weekend and I will post pictures of our progress. Oops! Debra is out of the shower and hollering about what am I doing on her computer and such...think I'll go take a peek while she is drying off...;^)


  1. Yay! The blog is back in action! So glad to see a new post!I can't wait to see how the workbench works. But where will you sit?

    1. There's a dinette to the left where we sit with our computers so this is unused space.

  2. Eso del banco de trabajo suena genial! espero que pronto puedas disponer de tu espacio!
    El delantal de herramientas se ve fantástico!