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Wednesday, June 19, 2019

A Change of Direction...

Mr. Skellie here...I don't know about you, but I think I need to have my own blog...just letting you all know that Debra is still alive and kickin'. Between moving her son, moving her mom, selling her mom's house, her Dad passing way, selling her own house....wait, what!?
Selling the house!? Why am I always the last to know stuff around here! And they're going to move into a motorhome!?
What about me? What about my needs? I am going to have to talk to her about this....I don't think I approve one bit. Didn't we just pack up all this crap, I mean "craft supplies", a while back? Debra said she'd buy me my own packing tape dispenser so I can help...oh joy.
She told me not to worry as there will be plenty of room in Sarah's garage for our shop. I'll be glad when these people sit down and relax for awhile so I can get some Debra time. And...we will be there in a month! Yikes! This is liable to be some of the busiest time ever, but I will try to sneak away from the packing (as often as possible) and let you know what Debra's up to. Please keep her mom in prayer as she has some health problems...I should send her one of my cousins to cheer her up...with a bouquet of dead flowers!
LOL! I'm so bad...


  1. Hi Debra. I haven't forgotten Mr. Skellie's present.I have been busy with some moving too. Not my own,but it was almost as tiring! Will you have an address I can send Mr.Skellie's present to? Comment on my blog or email me to let me know.

  2. SO many major changes and re-adjustments you have had to go through Debra. I'm sorry to learn of the passing of your dad and that your mother is in ill health too. I will indeed lift her up in prayer. Moving into a motor home is a HUGE down-sizing and I wish you the best as you begin to sift through the For Keeps v the Give Away boxes.