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Thursday, February 7, 2019

Randomness and Minions!

I'm going up to see my mom later today so thought I would share a few random things with you before I go. "No, I didn't mean you guys, no, you are not random things! Go make me some banana bread." Sorry, the minions thought I just called them "random things"...they sure can be sensitive sometimes. Where was I, Oh, I saw bluebirds checking out the birdhouses beautiful and so blue!
I wish I had them in every house but the swallows and sparrows chase them out every year. We have even found dead bluebirds in the houses on's brutal out there folks! But we will keep fighting for the bluebirds because they are so lovely. I also bought a new calendar this's a small one and it's called "A Year in the Life of a Wild Wacky Wonderful Woman". Yeah, that about sums it up for sure! My Dear Hubby even agrees with me! LOL! Here's the picture from February...
I do love me some chocolate! And last but certainly not least, Dear Hubby and I were in Lowes last weekend and I found this cool looking wiring box.
It looked like it could be turned into something and when I got home, I placed it on my workbench. The last time I looked in there the minions had taken it over and they were measuring and giving it a good going over.
I smell another project! I know, I know, I must get the Quilt Shop done for Marlene before she knocks me in the head! Have a great day and I will be back soon. Thanks for reading.

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  1. I see a tunnley house there! I love chocolate too,and tomorrow I am baking my husband's birthday cake.It's the most delicious and overly rich chocolate thing ever. The trouble is, I can't eat it! I have LPR and i'm not supposed to have chocolate! I overindulged around Christmas,so I am on the mend and don't dare have chocolate until after my doctor appointment on the 11th! Ag! Torture! I love your rug by the way.