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Monday, July 16, 2018

Wonderful Visitors due to Arrive!

Two of my children and 7 of my grandchildren are coming to visit! Has there ever been a happier sentence!? I have been working at getting the guest room ready
and everything in the camper ready this weekend
and when I put away the last towel,
a silence came over me. A happy waiting. I looked around and saw everything in readiness; the bathroom made cheerful with it's shower curtain and places for towels and toilet paper.

Comfy places for children to sleep,
a large living area just waiting for all the meals and laughter.
A pantry waiting to be loaded with good food and coat hooks for towels or sweatshirts.
A compact kitchen waiting for good smelling meals
and cozy rugs underfoot.
And a quiet place for our daughter to have some alone time and to rest.
Soon this will be filled with people and sweet voices. Right now, it is looking forward to this visit. Have a great day!

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