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Monday, June 8, 2020

Mr. Skellie helps with a build...

It's been a busy weekend for Mr. Skellie. The Big Guy has been building out the inside of an enclosed trailer so he can take his tools to different places to help people. He came in the motorhome and asked for Mr. Skellie's help and of course he jumped at the chance. Bill had drawn out his plan for the inside and Mr. Skellie scrutinized it for any mistakes.
Other than the fact that there didn't seem to be any place for HIS tools, he approved and allowed Bill to move forward. Good grief, this guy runs Bill's life too! He just likes being around Bill because his tools are bigger than mine.
He was admiring Bill's staple gun and even got to shoot a couple of staples!
Now you know he's going to take credit for the entire build...He was helping with the orbital sander but kept giggling and said his butt was getting numb
so Bill put him to work with the hand sander.
He helped build the new storage space for Bill's levels
and wanted to have a go at the chop saw but almost got chopped in the process!
Way to give a person heart failure! Bill was finishing up some of the large pieces and Mr. Skellie decide to play hide'n seek....can you find him?
I think he was hiding to avoid clean up duty personally. Once we found him,
we set him to work with the broom as there was quite a bit of sawdust to sweep up.
He was tuckered out when he got back to Motorhome Central and he went to bed before we did! Both of us had to wear earplugs because the little guy was snoring so loud. I am slowly on the mend and haven't been out because my cough sounds downright scary. Oh, and the latest news is I wanted to surprise Mr. Skellie with his own house so took advantage of Hobby Builders Supply's 25% off sale and ordered up a kit. He doesn't really need a kitchen or a bathroom, just a place to sleep and watch his big screen TV. I thought some of those skeleton pink flamingos would be funny for his front yard so have been trying to "scare" up a couple of those.  ;^) Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Vaya ayudante que tenéis! Más parece el jefe de obras supervisando al milímetro todo!! el trabajo de Bill es fabuloso!!! Sigo diciendo que mimas demasiado al Sr.Skellie,así que dispondrá de una nueva casa? lo orgulloso que va a estar!!!

  2. Thank-you! I will pass along your compliments to Bill. Yes, Mr. Skellie is spoiled and he wouldn't have it any other way! LOL!

  3. I bet Bill is so happy to have an organized space with a place for every tool! And it's mobile! It makes the prospect of any job seem possible! Great work! And... I am excited to see what you've got planned for Mr. Skellie!

  4. I'll be interested to see Mr. Skellie's new place.He needs a sign,"Wherever I lay my bones,that's my home."!